VNSG Congress Report – Dutch Speaking SAP Users

At this year’s VNSG congress, the Dutch-speaking SAP user community met 3 days to learn about the latest SAP developments and exchanged experiences at the 1931 Congress Centre in Den Bosch, the Netherlands. PIKON contributed on the Finance day with a presentation and live-demo about the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit and a presentation about the importance of a good communication strategy during Change Management projects. The rest of the day, PIKON visited other sessions to gain new insights. This congress report summarizes the trending topics on the Finance day.


A number of speakers addressed SAP S/4 HANA from a business perspective highlighting the advantages and possible migration scenarios. Interesting was a project testimonial from the Belgian water distributor FARYS and a project report from the owner of the Belgian electricity grid ELIA. Both have succesfully implemented SAP S/4 HANA and presented their project approach and lessons learned. We as PIKON are engaging in this matter and are performing benchmarks for SAP BW Powered by SAP HANA and following the developments of SAP ERP Powered by SAP HANA. Already available is the simple Finance application (see next paragraph).

SAP Simple Finance

One of the core elements of SAP S/4 HANA is SAP Simple Finance. This is a powerful combination of SAP financial management software and the SAP HANA in-memory platform. Missing at the VNSG congress were live demos of the functionalities and possibilites of SAP Simple Finance.

To give you an insight into the features of SAP Simple Finance we added two interesting YouTube videos and made a free SAP Simple Finance trial available via the button.

We as PIKON are engaging in a greenfield implementation of SAP S/4 HANA using SAP Simple Finance. Contact us to get updates on our project approach and lessons learned!

8 Minutes of actual SAP Simple Finance screen-demo

3 minutes on SAP Fiori apps for SAP Simple Finance

Innovative IT

In the person of the Dutch SAP Customer Innovation Principal Jan Koster, there is an innovator at SAP who is distributing the gospel of Innovative IT. Via several events, such as the SAP Innojam or his Dutch presentation at the 2015 VNSG congress on how to nurture an idea to success, he points us into the area of the role of the organisation and individuals in innovation. These are important drivers we need to engage in our enterprises. We as PIKON have developed our 3-point-consultancy-approach, that acknowledges the human factor in IT projects and are constantly trying to find ways to truly engage the people in the company’s journey to project success. Building on insights and trust, we make sure that a profound communication plan is part of the project plan.

A Closing Cockpit to improve cooperation

One of our contributions at the VNSG congress 2015 was a presentation with live-demo of the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit, explaining its value as a communication enhancer in the financial domain. This tool makes the otherwise blury process of Period-end Closing in SAP transparent by structuring and logging the events and tasks.

You want to learn more?

Please contact us to request our demo of the SAP Financial Closing Cockpit.

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