Solidarity for Mnero

Guest article written by Dr. F. Bernreiter:

Dear employees and customers of PIKON,

I’m tempted to call all of you dear friends, as you’ve supported us loyally and persistently for so many years. “Us” means the non-profit society Solidarität Mnero e.V., whose aim it is to improve medical care, health-related infrastructure and education in the Mnero-region in the South of Tanzania. I’d like to summarise shortly what we have achieved in the past two years thanks to our joint commitment.

For more than 50.000 people, the hospital in Mnero is the only access point for medical care. The hospital needs constant investments and financial support to keep the medical care on a good quality level on the one hand and affordable for the peasant population on the other. Additional investments are needed for the constant education of the hospital’s staff as well as for the daily upkeep. In 2015, the procurement of necessary medication and the professional education of three employees cost about 15,000€. One of the highlights in 2015 was the return of one employee as fully-trained physician. Upkeep and maintenance of the hospital’s infrastructure used up another 5,000€.

Another long-term project is the improvement of the health-related infrastructure. One of our measures within this project is the exemplary reforestation of the area around the hospital. Our effort, which has been going on for five years now, has resulted, slowly but surely, in the creation of a small forest. The micro climate has improved significantly, dust immissions have been reduced noticeably and the patients enjoy waiting beneath the large shady tropical trees. Other very important projects were the construction of suitable latrines for the two village schools in Mnero and the refurbishment of all draw wells in the area of the village. Both measures help to prevent cholera epidemics, which occurred regularly in the past.

Promotion of girls' education in Tanzania

Girls and women normally don’t have access to education in rural Tanzania. So it is a matter of our hearts to give talented young women the opportunity to take their lives in their own hands by cooperating with the St. Aquinas Highschool, located in the region’s capital Mtwara. As in the previous school year, eight gifted, but poor, girls will be able to attend the high school in 2016 thanks to our scholarships. Additionally we support the teacher training of one of our former scholarship holders.

We want to continue our activities in 2016 to the extent described above. Moreover, the people of Mnero have the urgent wish to be supported again by a European doctor, a wish we as society can only understand and approve. The young Tanzanian physician mentioned above needs the help of a second doctor, so that continuous medical care can be offered in the hospital and also for mutual learning. Within the next few months, we will decide if we can support this idea. Such an expert development worker will cost at least 35,000€ per year. This is pretty much all of our society’s annual budget.

However, I think that we can handle such a project with the help of our strong partners and friends.

Dear employees and customers of PIKON. In the name of our society and especially of our Tanzanian friends, I finish my short report with a heartfelt Asante sana, which means thank you for your extraordinarily faithful and generous support over so many years.

I wish you all a peaceful and blessed Christmas. May health, serenity and peace be with us all in the year to come.

Yours faithfully,
Dr. med. Friedhelm Bernreiter, Chairman, Solidarität Mnero e.V.

Patients and their relatives join for lunch

The Mnero village

Mnero village is about 650 km away from Dar Es Salaam in the South-east of Tanzania – one of the least developed countries in the world. About 5.000 people live here under very simple conditions. The village hospital, which was built in the 1950s under the leadership of the English doctor, provides medical care for more than 50.000 people in the region. It is their only access to medical treatment.

The non-profit society Solidarität Mnero e.V.

The society was founded 20 years ago by development workers and doctors who returned from Mnero.

The society focuses on:

  • Provision and improvement of health care in the Mnero hospital
  • Improvement of the local health-related infrastructure (education, water supply, ecology, promotion of small-scale enterprises, reforestation)
  • Enhancement of intercultural understanding
  • In special cases: Africa-wide support of other projects or disaster relief if necessary

Public relations work in Germany, to make people more aware of the situation and needs of people in one of the poorest countries on Earth.

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